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Startup Bootkamp is scheduled for Saturday, January 26th in Chicago @ 1871. 1871 has become a major hub of Chicago's technology and entrepreneurial ecosystem and hosts over 400 early-stage companies as well as nationally recognized accelerators, industry-specific incubators, and tech talent schools. This is a full day workshop and happy hour networking bonus. This event will have limited space, so be sure to secure your spot now before it's too late!!!

This one day crash course event will provide you with tremendous insight into the fundamentals of startups, venture capital and entrepreneurship. This is a great way to start the new year and pave the way for your business goals in 2019. Whether you want to launch a startup, raise money from investors or create a better go to market strategy, this bootkamp is for YOU! 
Here's What You Get:
  • Saturday, January 26th - 9am-10am - Business Round Table - Get to know everyone's business model and strategies. 
  • 10am-12pm - Cover half of the Bootkamp curriculum 
  • 12-12:30pm lunch break 
  • 12:30-5pm Finish the last half of the Bootkamp curriculum and "Pitch Perfect" the art of story telling w/ raising capital from investors
  • BONUS #1 - 5-7pm Networking Happy Hour Event with all attendees and speakers to socialize, mingle and network - Ironside Bar & Tavern (4 block walk)
  • The day will consist of some advanced best practices on startups, common mistakes entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them, special "Golden Nuggets", tons of tips and tricks you can implement immediately for faster growth and much much more!
  • In regards to the value of this workshop, simply think of how much the wrong business decisions can cost you (wrong filings, bad strategy, unfavorable investment terms, poor execution, etc.) in time and also money.
  • BONUS #2 - Lunch will be provided! YUM!
  • BONUS #3 - You will be added to a private LinkedIn group with all current/past bootkampers to share ideas, get advice, network, etc.
  • There will be limited seats available due to classroom size, so be sure to secure your spot right now by using the form on the right!!! 
  • There are only a few last minute tickets available at $200 and can be purchased on the form on the right. (Note: Tickets can sell out at any point)
  • Bonus #4 - KitelyTech CEO will be coming in to speak about mobile/web development, digital and more. Understand what is needed to launch a successful business in tech as well as things to watch out for when launching an app or website.
  • NOTE: VIP packages are available on the right side of the screen at check out. This will get you 4 hours of a deep dive in YOUR business going over strategies, investor deck, etc. One per company is allowed, so no need to purchase two for the same startup.
  • Whether you want to become an entrepreneur, are an early stage founder or you recently received your seed round of funding; you will benefit the most from this workshop as you will be able to instantly make better decisions and increase ROI for your business!! This will take you light years ahead and ultimately save you a ton of money (mistakes can be quite costly) and time. This should be a no brainer, invest in your future before anything else! USE THE FORM ON THE RIGHT, SECURE YOUR SEAT AND BECOME A BETTER FOUNDER / ENTREPRENEUR!!!
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Last Minute Ticket: $200 (Only a few left!)
Note: This event may sell out at any point
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Here is a summary of what will be covered:

‣ Are you ready to take the leap?
‣ Characteristics of good founders 
‣ Wantrepreneur Vs Entrepreneur   
‣ Positives and negatives 
‣ Legal for startups
‣ Building (app, hiring, traction, etc.) 
‣ Mentors and guidance   
‣ Competition 
‣ Customers 
‣ Branding 
‣ Marketing 
‣ Sales 
‣ Monetizing 
‣ Timing 
‣ R&D 
‣ Strategy 
‣ Prioritizing 
‣ Flexibility 
‣ Market (tam, sam, som) 
‣ Hustling - How to do it right 
‣ Business Development 
‣ Equity - Splitting the pie 
‣ Social Media 
‣ Scrappy / Frugality 
‣ Essential terms to understand
‣ Raising capital (angels, VC, crowdfunding, etc) 
‣ Pitching & Investor Decks - The art of story telling 
‣ Venture Capital 
‣ Advisory board   
‣ Accelerators 
‣ Hiring and culture 
‣ Scaling 
‣ Acquiring and Exiting 
‣ Still want to be an entrepreneur?   
‣ And much much more

Phil has won awards like 35 Under 35, Startup of the Year, Big Idea Awards, Most Innovative Entrepreneur, etc. Also, he has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post, Crain’s, ABC, Tribune, BuzzFeed, TastyTrade, BuiltIn, ChicagoInno, RedEye, Voyage, etc.

Phil is a serial entrepreneur and startup veteran from Chicago. Launched multiple successful small businesses of his own and worked for multiple venture backed startups since 2008.

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KitelyTech was borne of the frustration of 3 entrepreneurs, and many of its employees were clients who came to KitelyTech for development on their startup endeavors. They enjoyed working with KitelyTech so much that they now work for them. They've had successful exists and failed businesses, and will be joining us to pass their hard-earned wisdom on to you to help you achieve the same success and avoid their pitfalls..
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