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Startup Bootkamp is scheduled for December 14th in Chicago @ 1871. 1871 is known to be the city’s thriving technology and entrepreneurial hub. Today 1871 is the home of nearly 500 early-stage, high-growth digital startups. 

This one day nationally known workshop will give you tremendous insight into the world of startups, venture capital and entrepreneurship. This impactful experience is specifically created for aspiring entrepreneurs or early stage founders and has been hosted at the most prominent incubators across the country. Whether you want to launch a startup, raise money from investors or create a better go to market strategy, this bootkamp is for YOU! 

This is a full day workshop and happy hour networking bonus. This event will have limited seated due to classroom size, so be sure to secure your spot now before it's too late!!!
The Lowdown
What: An all day experience that will change your entire outlook on how to launch and grow your startup.
Where: 1871 Chicago | 222 Merchandise Mart
When: Saturday, December 14th, 2019
Why: Come to understand the fundamentals of startups, entrepreneurship and venture capital. 
How: Content is delivered in the most raw, transparent and impactful way in order to truly resonate with attendees.
The Agenda
9-9:30am - Round table session to get to know everyone and their business ideas and startups
9:30-11am - Kick off the first half of the booktamp curriculum (beginner essentials)
11-12pm - Legal presentation from speakers
12-1pm - Lunch will be provided, yum!
1-2pm - Finish the second half of the bootkamp curriculum (advanced material)
2-3pm - Dev presentation from speakers
3-5pm - Angel and VC investment chat, the art of pitching and close out the bootkamp
5-7pm - Networking happy hour at Ironside Bar
The Bonuses
  • (BONUS #1) The happy hour portion is apart of the experience and a great chance to network with the other founders and presenters
  • The day will consist of startup secrets only veterans know, common mistakes entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them, special "Golden Nuggets", tons of amazing strategies you can implement immediately to help your business grow!
  • Under 10 seats left and last minute tickets at $200 are available at the top right of the screen! Do not wait and be sure to reserve your seat immediately!
  • Not sold or do you need more social proof? Please see 200+ testimonials below with the video listed along with my LinkedIn profile. This will be the best startup workshop you ever attended and the value is tenfold, easily. 
  • (BONUS #2) You will be added to a private LinkedIn group with all current/past bootkampers around the country to share ideas, get advice, network and stay connected.
  • NOTE: VIP packages are available on the top right side of the screen at check out. This will get you 2 hours of a deep dive in YOUR business going over strategies, investor deck, etc. Note: one package per company is allowed (no need to buy multiple if you have co-founders)
  • Whether you are considering taking the leap to become a full time entrepreneur or you launched a startup recently - this workshop is for you! This pragmatic educational experience will save you thousands of dollars and years of time by avoiding common mistakes! Many founders apply what they have learned and have instantly seen positive results for their business. Do NOT miss this opportunity, grab your seat NOW before it's too late!!
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Early Bird $100 - Until Nov. 21st
Regular Tickets $150 - Until Dec 6th
Last Minute $200 - Until Dec 14th
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Here is a summary of what will be covered:

‣ Are you ready to take the leap?
‣ Characteristics of good founders 
‣ Wantrepreneur Vs Entrepreneur   
‣ The founder dilemmas
‣ Legal for startups
‣ Building (app, hiring, traction, etc.) 
‣ Mentors and guidance   
‣ Competition 
‣ Customers 
‣ Branding 
‣ Marketing 
‣ Sales 
‣ Monetizing 
‣ Timing 
‣ R&D 
‣ Strategy 
‣ Prioritizing 
‣ Flexibility 
‣ Market (tam, sam, som) 
‣ Virality and referral programs 
‣ Business Development 
‣ Equity - Splitting the pie 
‣ Social Media 
‣ Scrappy / Frugality 
‣ The essential terms to understand
‣ Raising capital (angels, VC, etc) 
‣ Pitching & investor decks
‣ Venture Capital 
‣ Advisory board   
‣ Accelerators 
‣ Hiring and culture 
‣ Scaling 
‣ Acquiring and Exiting 
‣ Still want to be an entrepreneur?   
‣ And much much more
Click any picture below for their LinkedIn Profiles!

Phil Castro has won awards like 35 Under 35, Startup of the Year, Big Idea Awards, Most Innovative Entrepreneur, etc. Also, he has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post, Crain’s, ABC, Tribune, BuzzFeed, TastyTrade, BuiltIn, ChicagoInno, RedEye, Voyage, etc.

Phil is a serial entrepreneur and startup veteran from Chicago. Launched multiple successful small businesses of his own and worked for multiple venture backed startups (under a $250M venture capital umbrella) since 2008.


Randy has represented technology clients large and small for nearly a decade, and has been licensed to practice before the US Patent & Trademark Office since 2003. He is passionate about startups, and works tirelessly to build IP portfolios that form core assets for young and growing companies. He also teaches upper-level courses at Chicago-Kent College of Law (IIT) as a member of the law school’s adjunct faculty.

Randy will be joining us to speak about legal topics pertaining to early stage startups.


Founder turned venture capitalist Harvard Grad who has a deep passion for helping the next wave of early stage startups with physical and digital products. Sergio has advised startups to Fortune 500 companies with strategies regarding corporate ventures creation strategies.

Sergio will be joining us to talk about what qualities he looks for to fund founders, the future of VC investing and pitfalls to avoid as a new startup founder.


Angel investor interested in early stage coachable, resourceful entrepreneurs focused on globally scalable, disruptively efficient digital companies. Executive coach for growth stage executives, particularly those with new VC, banking or operating partners.

Tony will be joining us to talk about angel investor trends, insights into angel investing strategies and how to overcome usual startup hurdles that founders see everyday.


Joel used capital from the sale of his first business to build his own custom software company over 20 years ago allowing him to do exactly what he loves best—help other businesses make money, solve problems, and delight customers. 

 He loves brainstorming new ideas and inventing software products with passionate people. Working with clients that range from early stage start-ups through global powerhouses, Joel brings experience from a wide range of industries and technologies to Startup Bootkamp.

We truly can't do these without their support.
Incubate IP

We are dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in their quests to turn an idea into a company. We don’t want whales, we want passionate clients that are driven to succeed.

The quality of a startup’s intellectual property portfolio can be the difference between a successful launch and complete failure. We know, because we’ve seen both outcomes.

At Geneca, we know that your new idea needs to get off the ground quickly and cost-effectively, so you can show it to potential investors. We explore your unique ideas and identify the best path to accomplish your goals. From initial mocks to build to launch and evolve, we help you advance your product with architecture that will scale for years of success. Our experience becomes your foundation as you turn your vision into a thriving business.


Don't just take my word for it! There are 200+ testimonials you can view; so please take 10 minutes and check out this quick video along w/ my LinkedIn recommendations to see what past attendees had to say from over 20 cities. The proof is in the pudding. 

Josh Hall
Founder @ SnackDash
Salt lake City, UT

"I attended a Startup Bootkamp that Phil put on in Salt Lake City. The amount of content he shares is incredible. What is even more amazing is that the way he shares it made it really stick for me. I would recommend any budding entrepreneur attend one of his bootcamps. It will save you years of hard knocks, and get you off on the right foot with a clear vision. Plus Phil is just a great guy to know, he truly lives what he teaches."

Michelle Kingman
Founder @ Trainer Engine
Phoenix, AZ

"If you work with Phil, I believe you will understand much more about what lies ahead so you can make more educated decisions about your business journey. If you study and apply the content that Phil presents, I believe that you will know what you really need to dig into further to protect your business. Phil is a seasoned entrepreneur who has invested his time into making your life easier. If you are deciding to work with Phil, congratulations. It's a good decision."

Julian Williams
Founder @ BlueSalt
Atlanta, GA

"Phil is one of the most energetic and knowledgable leaders I've seen in a very long time. A lot of people speak about how to start and grow a business successfully but Phil has done it at the highest and most competitive level and it shows. Phil also wastes none of your time. My business is in a better position because of connecting with Phil. If you have a chance to work with Phil or are seeking a speaker with killer content and experience, he is your man."

Zarik Khan
Director @ Discover
Chicago, IL

"Phil's startup bootcamp was a fantastic introduction to startups for anyone, whether you are new to the space or have some experience and want a refresher. It's Phil's personal experience that colors everything about his session. This is something that you cannot find in a classroom or in an office, and what ultimately distinguishes Phil's bootcamp from any other offering out there. Speaking for myself, I was able to crystallize a serious business idea and start taking serious steps because of Phil. Thank you!"
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